In this diet

In this dietLimit meat and culinary fats.

In this diet exclude dairy, vegetable and fruit soups; smoked products; salty, smoked fish; milk, sourmilk drinks, cheese, cottage cheese; potatoes; vegetable salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable canned food; sweet dishes on milk; fruit, berry and vegetable juice.

BreakfastDinnerMidmorning snackDinnerThe approximate menu of a diet at Herring soakedPorridge the buckwheat friableTeaSoup noodles on a chicken brothChicken fried with boiled riceKissel cranberryDogrose brothCutlets meat fried or steam for children of younger age with vegetable oilPeas greenTeaFor the night dogrose BrothWidespread form of mochekisly diathesis at children is as well an oksaluriya, being accompanied the high content in urine salts of shchavelevy acid.


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