It is not necessary

It is not necessaryThe simplest exit from this situation reception i preparations.

It is not necessary to chase import vitamins, quite on ENTs IKL OPE AIYa PITAS ANI I am RE BEN in KA rand ours of type Undevir, Dekamevi'f, etc.

The main thin that in them the following minimum set vitamins B, , Wb, RR, , And, D, , folpevy and ascorbic acids.

Whether and it is impossible to modify insufficiency of vitamins only by means of food It is possible, but not simply is a work not for lazy.

What to doIn, about the first, already upon purchase of products it is necessary availability of certain vitamins B them after all some products are rich with one or several vitamins, but are deprived of others, to try to diversify with the menu of the child day by day.


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