Spilling g of fresh greens Ivan tea, g of a nettle, g of cabbage, g of potatoes, g of carrots, g of onions, g of margarine, eg g are swept away.

RUSSIAN CABBAGE SOUP GREEN WITH HARE KISLITSAIn boiling water to put cut potatoes through to add the browned onions then greens of a kislitsa g and to cook more r.

For r to readiness to put wheat flour butter salt, pepper and a bay leaf.

Spilling in plates, to add segments of boiled egg and sour cream or kefir curdled milk.

BAKED PUDDING FROM THE CLOVER WITH POTATOESTo wipe g of boiled potatoes and to pound a fork.

In the added some salt water to boil g of leaves of a clover, to filter and cut on a wooden board.


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