Watch, that

Watch, that Then the kid as will feel a foot height for example, slipping from a sofa.

Watch, that the child well held ruto Kama a step, being developed for descent, and to the following rose all foot.

To stand with support As soon as the child will learn, adhering for your clothes or for me, to rise, he will try to take from this a pleasure maximum to stand more, to look round around.

Ability to stand with support as a result develops.

The first attempts to hold balance, as a rule, terminate in failure because the kid rises on tiptoe and his legs are turned in As soon as he will learn to stand, as the ballerina leaning on all foot and having dissolved socks in the parties, becomes steadier If the kid helps itself to rise, clinging to your trousers, you gradually will feel ever less weight of his body So, at first your foot is necessary to it not only for balance, but also for a support, and soon after only for balance Round a table The kid rose, stood, leaning a back about a sofa or a low little table and.


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