It is known

It is known They can appear even more dangerous, than the drugs ordered to you.

The matter is that herbs are not tested for pregnant women, and and on packing you will not find the corresponding marks in the instruction.

There is no confidence that they were collected and packed in satisfactory conditions, under necessary control.

It is known that reception of some herbs can cause strips, vomitin tachycardia and even to provoke an abortion see further.

What plants cannot be applied during pregnancyFor the pregnant woman reception of the following plants represents danger The araliya Chinese, a barberry, is smothered, Canadian, a life root, a cotton root, a crocus, a juniper, a nutme mint marsh, a mistletoe white, a fern man's, a tansy, , a wormwood bitter, a wormwood medicinal, a wormwood ordinary, a broom, , a thuja, a chemeritsa green, bi a comfrey, Senna, a stefaniye, a magnolia, a yasnotka, coltsfoot.


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