Shchy and croaking

Shchy and croaking To listen to you through a shoulder.

Poigrysobstvennymi hands.

shchy and croaking igrush.

To play travel about vesny games.

To catch derzhimy pockets from kosnoveniye.

Issledobig cubes.

To play with parts to wash the dishes.

To use for instead of according to the schedule.

Smomusic prefer own a hand to Play with hoops, on .

A children's armchair and Kama to roll subjects tsisoap bubbles.

To roll a tsovsky shirt.

Obshchat empty boxes, garbage bodies Where your nouse.

To dance the games of the shelf, a table, chairs.

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Remember, earlier

Remember, earlier When you after all will manage to scratch at it a toy, put it near it on a floor the kid will immediately snatch on a toy and right there will take control of it again.

If you want to understand, actions of the kid in all these exercises of the dostatskhvatit type are how realized, write down on a video camera procedure of capture of a toy or a cube.

Remember, earlier the child only struck on a toy or on it with a palm, and, having reached, at first as though covered it with the spread wide hand and only then grasped.

Now his fingers develop as necessary still while it tries to keep step with a toy.

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In five years

In five years Because at Va of the shy child it continues to be improved thin , the kid tries to try to knit and embroider.

The child knows well that means on the right, at the left, in front and behind.

Everything is better being guided in about a stranstvo, he wants to understand that such time.

In five years the child already distinguishes a triangle, directly a square and a square and even to you will copy a rectangle, but only when you can calm it and set for a table.

From four years to five kid reminds the eternal The engine, it not to distinguish almost from the hyper dynamic child.

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To these speaks, why the desire

To these speaks, why the desire The main thing for you to help the kid to develop the healthy relation to toilet procedure.

The schooling beginning to a pot is rather entertaining interaction, rather than an awful duty, and you here act as the instructor.

From the point of view of the child, ability to use a pot is its first step to adult life, a dedication ceremony from babies in preschool children.

To these speaks, why the desire to remain small conducts to a certain delay of all process of schooling.

THE FACTS WHICH YOU WOULD BE FOLLOWED BY THE NOBILITY Before setting the kid on the first in his life very prizemisty a pot, think over that includes skill of using a toilet.

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However more

However moree.

protection of own possession.

However, often these two characteristics are difficult for dividing.

Law of the jungle Such approach to this problem is possible to leave the child in group of children, let itself fights for a survival.

As a result the one who is pushed most strongly, grasps the most part of toys.

Such conditions actually heavens promised for aggressors.

However more passive kid simply retires and leaves the general game as cannot constrain an impact, or, having waited for the moment, will select the good back.

In other words, soft there is more rigid, and an aggressor even more rough.

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