And at the same

And at the same If the child sees that other children and adults laugh with a full mouth or scatter food, knock a cup, and thus to them is very cheerful, the small popugaychik will do the same.

And at the same time do not forget to praise it for good manners.

If the child eats reluctantly To the child who takes away your hand with a spoon, put on an armchair of yokes rushka with suckers differently you should select constantly them from a floor and while he is engaged in toys, try to feed him, using for this purpose any reception, helping to send a spoon to it in a mouth.

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In this diet

In this dietLimit meat and culinary fats.

In this diet exclude dairy, vegetable and fruit soups; smoked products; salty, smoked fish; milk, sourmilk drinks, cheese, cottage cheese; potatoes; vegetable salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable canned food; sweet dishes on milk; fruit, berry and vegetable juice.

BreakfastDinnerMidmorning snackDinnerThe approximate menu of a diet at Herring soakedPorridge the buckwheat friableTeaSoup noodles on a chicken brothChicken fried with boiled riceKissel cranberryDogrose brothCutlets meat fried or steam for children of younger age with vegetable oilPeas greenTeaFor the night dogrose BrothWidespread form of mochekisly diathesis at children is as well an oksaluriya, being accompanied the high content in urine salts of shchavelevy acid.

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Carry the child

Carry the child If symptoms of GER are obvious, the doctor can begin treatment, at all without checking acidity level.

How to cope with GER Give the drugs appointed by the doctor and called to neutralize acid and to provide normal passing of food on a gullet.

Carry the child as much as possible that he cried less.

During shout acid in bigger quantity gets into a gullet.


Researches show that thus level of GER is lower.

The child needs to be stacked on a stomach at an angle ° on half an hour after food and for a dream.

You need a special rag which would hold the child spread on a stomach on an inclined mattress.

Simply vertical situation in a children's armchair is less effective.

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A residue

A residue Then to pour in a thin stream dissolved in hot milk previously the presoaked gelatin, to mix, pour in formochka, to cool.

Before giving on a table, having taken out from , to water with a fruit syrup.

Sour cream milk ml, a syrup fruit powder sugar gelatin g.

MOUSSE FROM BERRIESAny fresh berries to touch, wash out, douse boiled water, to squeeze out through a gauze juice.

A residue to fill in with water, to add sugar, to boil and cook minutes.

Then broth to filter, again to finish to boilin to pour a thin stream, stirring slowly, semolina to boil minutes and to remove from fire.

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Predsta . at the kid and the cosmonaut. Adaptation

Predsta . at the kid and the cosmonaut. Adaptation He on the verge of a stress or fully feels a stress.

If you managed to compare the same method of research all force of the stress felt by the kid in adaptation to organized collective, to force of a stress of the cosmonaut going to flight, results stunned you.

They would be simply identical.

Predsta .

at the kid and the cosmonaut.

Adaptation to the usual organized collective and extraordinary sky flight.

Yes, of course, very difficult in it to you .

Let it is not trusted, but it is the fact.

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