But it is impossible

But it is impossible Ho is not present the sufficient bases to argue that the excommunication of mother from the child at the moment of his birth negatively influences the further relations of parents and children, we consider that emergence of emotional proximity during this period of biologically aggravated sensitivity of perception provides good start for formation of further relationship.

But it is impossible to think that these initial relations once and for all cement interrelation of parents and the child.

Reassessment of an initial stage causes sense of hopelessness in mothers who because of the complicated childbirth were temporarily separated from kids.

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It is especially

It is especially Avoid an overheat of the kid during a dream At children which organism overheats as a result of close a veil a niya, the risk of emergence of SIDS is higher.

It is especially easy to overheat the child who sleeps near you your body an additional source of heat.

If the child was wrapped densely up, and at night you shift it to yourselves, remove from it all superfluous.

Researches established higher frequency of SIDS in the countries where children strongly wrap up.

Signs of overheating of the kid are poteny, damp hair, a potnitsa, the speededup breath, the concern, sometimes the increased temperature.

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Edmund, doctor

Edmund, doctor Having thought, I took with myself the yearold son.

I do not remember, that we were thrown with it at least a word.

For me this travel was not outstanding in any sense.

But to my son already , and he still remembers this campaign as about the best minutes of the life.

Edmund, doctor of years Lonely mothers are in a sheaf with the sons in this transition period.

Mother can tell to the son about how it differs from it, what his role in the lives, what forces grow in it.

But she not the man and consequently she cannot tell him congenital consciousness of that means to be a man.

Her body aspires to the son at all how it would do a body of the father.

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Then to add cut by straws

Then to add cut by straws At the end of cooking a rassolnik to salt, it is possible to pour in a little boiled and filtered cucumber brine.

When giving on a table to fill with sour cream, n the crushed greens of parsley or fennel.

Potatoes carrots a parsley root onions cucumbers a broth meat ml, butter sour cream g.

Soup PEA ON MEAT JPreviously the peas presoaked at o'clock to put in a meat broth and to cook in the closed ware on weak fire , of hour.

Then to add cut by straws a parsley root, carrots and the onions which have been slightly fried on butter, and to continue to cook still minutes to salt.

Peas a root of parsley and onions on carrots a broth meat ml, butter g.

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Besides courses

Besides coursesCommunicate with those who supports you, understands and approves your choice.

Learn the correct equipment of feeding.

Besides courses on chest feedin till the birth of the child you need to contact the diplomaed adviser for questions of chest feeding see page In the first two days after the birth of the child ask the adviser to show you as it is correct to hold the child and that it is necessary to do, that he well sucked.

EQUIPMENT OF FEEDING BY THE BREAST When we only began our professional activity and were still inexperienced parents, fondly believed that feeding by a breast is such process programmed by the nature that if to bring together together mother who has milk, and the hungry child, this pair will automatically incorporate, milk will begin to flow and the child will grow.

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