On the first

On the firstVegetables and fashions include in the menu of children from first months of life.

On the first year from be elderly till months to ml by the end of the year fruit, berry or vegetable juice, to g of fruit and g of vegetable mashed potatoes.

Year recommended quantity of vegetables is aged more senior makes for children of years g including potatoes Children till years r in the natural form can give only received of dairy kitchen or priyutovlenny houses from r kefir, including the kaltsinirovanny.

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Thus fried

Thus friedVarious ways r food are allowed otvarivaniye, suppression, roasting.

Thus fried dishes, especially in the second half of pregnancy, it is better to exclude.

The approximate menu for the second half of pregnancy in r Ut of R ohm Juice from fresh vegetables or fruitafter a dream or broth of herbs Breakfast Goulash Vegetables stewed Juice i nd breakfast Milk Obed Sup pea with mincemeat Vegetable stew with boiled fish Compote On a ldnik of Frukti or berry Cottage cheese souffle Mousse cranberry nd dinner of Kislomolochniy drink kefir Daily into the menu should enter rye and mI it is better from.

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They are especially

They are especially For the teenager there are no semitones only black and white, bad and good.

At them insistence both in relation to itself, and in relation to the rests to people around, parents, to the world in general reads off scale.

They are especially sensitive to falseness and hypocrisy as their feelings during this period are very aggravated.

To children it is very important, that parents recognized that their children grew, and not simply admitted as the fact, and extended lead, recognized their right to be independent.

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Having cooled

Having cooledThen to add the white sauce prepared on vegetable broth, to stir, slightly to salt.

Having cooled to °, to connect to an egg and dairy mix, before giving on a table to fill with butter.

Potatoes carrots other vegetables vegetable marrows, a cauliflower, a swede, turnip on a flour wheaten yolks egg ' pieces, milk ml, broth vegetable ml, butter g.

CREAM SOUP PEARLBARLEY The touched and washedout pearl barley in water to softness, often stirring slowly, that did not burn.

Broth to filter, grain to wipe through a sieve, to connect to broth, to add white sauce, to salt, mix, put on fire and to boil.

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And now try other

And now try other Oh, pleasure cubes here as here! It will be its first experiment on use of one subject to get another.

And now try other game.

Put cubes on a laying and honey lenno pull it.

The kid will throw up hands, will jump up and will snatch on a moving target, trying to take control of escaping cubes, while the getting is good.

Game with itself.

Having learned to reach different subjects, ma starts to study own body.

It extends forward a neck, lifts legs and tries to grasp fingers standing and when it is possible, tries, as well as everything that comes to it to hand, to drag them in a mouth.

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