Similar situations

Similar situations But at the same time it would like, that responsibility for its acts who bore another.

It to burden itselfhimself it at all does not thirst.

Similar situations can lead to negative consequences the child will get used to the events, and every time as soon as it will have a possibility to make own crucial decision, he will start to behave so that to provoke you to make the decision instead of it and to assume responsibility.

There is the same control of the child, but in a different way.

How to arrive to parents if the behavior of the child after you provided it freedom in decisionmakin worsened At once there are thoughts that if now he behaves so, will be farther only worse and it is necessary to accept urgently any measures, to renew control.

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When your child

When your child Offer new food at the beginning of food process.

when your child is really hungry.

If you submit a small amount new write together with favourite food, it can help to accept to your child it.

Cook simple food.

The majority of children likes true taste of products without sauces, syrups or spices.

They represented ridiculous teeth, using carrots slices, cut apples to look, from where there is a juice, and stirred strawberry and bilberry in yogurt.

Without watching a pas them initial unwillingness even to touch this food, girls soon started to study color, taste and a structure of products in a situation which them did not frighten that did them by less nervous.

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Instead of spo, described

Instead of spo, described Watch signals submitted by the child concern during feedin a zasypaniye, showing that it sucked enough.

Clean the child from a breast, but be ready to feed again him through a couple of hours.

Use easier for the child a way to take a breast.

Instead of spo, described on page , use described below.

Put fingers in the form of a letter C a thumb above, two others are lower than a nipple, give to an okolososkovy circle a chasheobrazny form.

Squeeze a breast, movements of a nipple force the child to open widely a mouth and gradually thrust an okolososkovy circle into a mouth to the kid.

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It is possible

It is possible Performance Lay down on a back in a starting position, knees are bent vmesthose, a foot plainly stand on the floor.

It is possible to put a flat small pillow under the head, but it is not obligatory.

Slowly make a deep breath, let's to a stomach rise, and on an exhalation strongly pull in a stomach and press a part of a back plainly to a floor surface.

EXERCISE FOR THE ABDOMINAL TENSION Purpose To strengthen stomach muscles.

Performance The foot , in all four provisions can be carried out in standing positions, with crossed.

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The stress

The stressFeelings at children not less stron than at us, and shout helps them to curl a log hut from negative emotions, again to feel happiness and harmony and even it is better to sleep.

It is useful for parents to know also the possible reaction to shout of the child at a stressful condition.

We with Martha well remember the feeling of despair for fatigue and frequent nedosypaniye, up to vision we throw out the shouter from a window! But it does not mean at all that we were really capable of the such.

The stress is capable to finish beginning parents to the last line.

To their imagination it can be drawn, as they lose control over themselves, shake the child, shout at it that he became silent.

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