Let's experiment

Let's experiment It is easy to person to advise to the stranger not to pay attention on crying the shchy child.

If only such adviser does not possess hypersensibility, his own health will not suffer.

Let's experiment a little.

Crying of the kid literally irritates you.

If to a breast of feeding mother to attach sensors for bloodgroove measurement, we will see the following the kid began to cry and the bloodgroove in a breast of mother will amplify, she will feel insuperable desire to take the child on hands and to calm him.

Crying of your child the mighty means of communication intended for providing its survival and development.

Do not disregard crying.

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Probably, sometime

Probably, sometime The mimicry will add to your answer of the importance and will encourage the kid to continue communication.

Read aloud.

Children's verses and poems differ special musical rhythmics.

If you have in a family two kids and you read aloud to the senior, already starting to go, do not forget what to listen you is useful also for the baby; it develops its attention.

Probably, sometime you will need something more substantial, rather than Geese geese.

Well, read aloud the favourite magazine or the adult book, keeping when reading a rhythm habitual for perception of the baby.

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Not only parents

Not only parents After years of pediatric and years of parental practice I came to a conclusion that it is fair only partly.

Not only parents develop the child, but also it brings up them.

At an optimum educational system both parties try to gather all the best from each other and to share the.

Here is how this system works.

Mother to a lesser extent the father possesses a biological, instinctive inclination to the child.

At it congenital desire to be nursed with the child to take it on hands, but , it is simple to be near it.

It also is called as attachment of mother to the child.

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FROM TO MONTHSPhone the kid here as here calls, it is necessary to tell hallo.

It is very pleasant to observe, how your little man starts to master the big and noisy house world.

FROM TO MONTHS STREAM OF WORDS At this stage of development children do the same, as on previous, but it is much better.

The games developing the child physically There are many interesting games for children and the parents promoting fizichesky development of the child.

Give me a hand.

Very well develop coordination of movements razlichny options of game with a flop on palms of each other one and two ruto Kama alternately, from highly lifted or lowered hands or a palm on a palm with a slap if the kid does not manage to clean the hand.

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And can be, played

And can be, played Or perhaps bought to it rushka new yokes, dresses, books, sweets, icecream.

And can be, played together with it and had fun.

Whether or perhaps to it to feed small fishes and house birds.

Or perhaps shawls to it to play about with a cat and a dog.

And can be, the whole day, thinking out fairy tales.

And to be.

And can be.

And can be.

And nevertheless, than day at Va of the shy child was most of all filled The kid did everything how you wanted, or was capricious, played pranks, plaid pranks.

You were discharged on it by an aggression method because of shameful affairs which he made or because it rushed as if ugorePlokhiye habits of good children.

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Shchy and croaking

Shchy and croaking To listen to you through a shoulder.

Poigrysobstvennymi hands.

shchy and croaking igrush.

To play travel about vesny games.

To catch derzhimy pockets from kosnoveniye.

Issledobig cubes.

To play with parts to wash the dishes.

To use for instead of according to the schedule.

Smomusic prefer own a hand to Play with hoops, on .

A children's armchair and Kama to roll subjects tsisoap bubbles.

To roll a tsovsky shirt.

Obshchat empty boxes, garbage bodies Where your nouse.

To dance the games of the shelf, a table, chairs.

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