She thought

She thought She addressed in the program Small angels for the help as felt tired and unfortunate of for the unrestrained son dominating behavior.

She thought that cannot supervise it and, therefore, was not sure of itself as in mother.

He considers that he is a king in the lock, and everything occurs so.

as he wants , she spoke to us.

In the course of viewing of the of the behavioural cartridge Tamara was upset even more as for the first time understood that her annoyance and abuse with Keanu strengthened a problem.

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Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese Submitting on a table, to water with sour cream.

Cottage cheese carrots a roll sour cream piece tj eggs, sugar butter.


ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDBAKED PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE AND RICETo ready boiled rice to add the wiped cottage cheese, the egg shaken up with sugar, vanillin, butter, everything to mix, m on the frying pan oiled and sprinkled with crackers.

From above to cover with a sour cream mix with egg and to bake in an oven.

A tax on a table with jam, a fruit syrup or sauce.

Cottage cheese rice water ml, eggs pieces, sugar butter sour cream jam a syrup sauce of vanillin g.

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It is known

It is known They can appear even more dangerous, than the drugs ordered to you.

The matter is that herbs are not tested for pregnant women, and and on packing you will not find the corresponding marks in the instruction.

There is no confidence that they were collected and packed in satisfactory conditions, under necessary control.

It is known that reception of some herbs can cause strips, vomitin tachycardia and even to provoke an abortion see further.

What plants cannot be applied during pregnancyFor the pregnant woman reception of the following plants represents danger The araliya Chinese, a barberry, is smothered, Canadian, a life root, a cotton root, a crocus, a juniper, a nutme mint marsh, a mistletoe white, a fern man's, a tansy, , a wormwood bitter, a wormwood medicinal, a wormwood ordinary, a broom, , a thuja, a chemeritsa green, bi a comfrey, Senna, a stefaniye, a magnolia, a yasnotka, coltsfoot.

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You can take

You can take You should not show a rage or aggression.

You can take away yours the child on the bottom step of a ladder or plant on a chair in other room.

We establish restrictions of t If you want to use a step or a chair, you need to explain to the child, strong holding it that you want, that it remained on that place where you planted it.

You should look aside, do not meet the eyes of it and do not talk to it.

while time will not end.

If you.

most likely, cannot hold the child without fight.

it in a room far away from itself.

it is important, if it is it a room.

You does it only for short time, and it will not cause negative associations with a room.

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For children

For children However, if the child has teeth he is already capable to chew rather well stale bread, to gnaw crackers, cookies, nonrigid apples etc.

Children are more senior than , years already actively chew, and culinary processing of food can be same, as well as for adults vegetables slices, cutlets, meat ragout, goulash etc.

On the average, as it was specified above, the food is digested in a stomach of the child within , hours therefore intervals between food intakes should are approximately equal to this time.

For children year most physiologically a foursingle food is more senior.

At the same time the kid till , years and is more senior quite can to receive on the fifth feedin in the evenin a kefir or milk glass, and in the morning juice.

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Hepatic weight

Hepatic weight When will cool down, together with carrots and onions several times to pass through a meat grinder, to salt, add the shakenup butter.

Hepatic weight to form in the form of roll, to cool.

Liver carrots onions butter , g.

A pudding FROM the LIVER WITH CARROTSLiver to pass through a meat grinder, to add grated t carrots, butter, a crude egg yolk, crackers, to salt, carefully to shake up, carefully to enter i protein.

Weight to lay out in a form greased with butter, and to steam minutes.

When giving on a table to water with the kindled butter.

I And A liver carrots eggs pieces, crackers ground butter g.

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