Time came

Time came By the way, one my acquaintance practises such method she pays to the son for each five on rubles.

Once it brought the six! The teacher so was impressed with its story at a literature lesson that put this assessment in the diary.

Houses the boy took an interest, how many to it for it is due Whether brought you success all your actions Most likely, no, differently you would not read this book.

Time came to change the relation to the child, the view of it and his behavior.

Parents, as a rule, consider that they bring up the child well, and here it is brought up badly.

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She with pride

She with pride Dzhanis, mother of twins and the convinced supporter of chest feedin took away one shelf in the refrigerator for dozen of accurately established small bottles of the decanted milk supplied with the indication of date of decantation.

She with pride called this meeting of small bottles by bank.

Transportation of the decanted milk When you carry milk from work home, observe all measures predostorozhnost to keep precious cargo.

It is best of all to use a tight bag with ice packings.

Special bags for transportation of milk and capacity can be got through the adviser for chest feeding and League of feeding mothers.

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It often reacted

It often reactedKet and Jam also helped to understand that Jay's nervousness was primitive congenital reaction fight or on threat.

It often reacted to situations which considered difficult, for example, homework preparation, becoming aggressive or confrontational to fight , or crying of N being given to run .

For this purpose to start to support Jay in fight against these difficulties.

To Katie and Dzhsmi helped it in eyes to big fear, going for a drive on a bicycle without the additional Overall picture and wheels Encouraging it, they led Jay through aggression and plaintive discharge and helped it to learn to go for a drive on a bicycle independently.

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Internal, the smiles

Internal, the smiles After longterm supervision over smiles of newborns I would like to blow an air bubble.

Babies can smile and really smile, instead of simply let the air out though it happens after they will get rid of superfluous gases.

As veterans in studying of children's smiles we with the sufficient basis on that divide them into two main types internal and external smiles.

Internal, the smiles as though turned into are more characteristic for the first several weeks and perfectly reflect a condition internal udovletvorennost.

Sometimes it as though sleepy halfsmiles; sometimes only easy podragivaniye of corners of lips.

Other smiles meet also simplification when gripes stop, satisfactions after good food or when children take on hands and start to rock to sleep.

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The grant is paid

The grant is paidThe grant is paid for the entire period during which the woman has the right to payment.

For unemployed women since the birth of the child till , years; for the working from the date of providing holiday on leaving till , years, and for the women dismissed during pregnancy in connection with elimination of the organization, poy to a choice since the birth of the child to , years in case of a grant choice on leaving or from the date of, the termination of a maternity leave following behind day, till day of execution of , years in case of a maternity allowance choice.

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Inoculations Therefore to the woman who has had a rubella during this period, doctors suggest to make abortion or to cause premature birth.

Inoculations live vaccines, including from measles, a mumps, poliomyelitis and yellow fever become according to the recommendation of the doctor.

They also should be made at least in months prior to pregnancy.

J If you became pregnant soon after such inoculation, immediately report about it to the doctor.

Reception of vitamins when planning pregnancyWhat vitamins need to be acceptedIn preparation for pregnancy any vitamin complexes and preparations can be applied only after coordination with the doctor.

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