Hot potatoes

Hot potatoesPotatoes butter g.

POTATOES WELDED IN THE PEEL tubers of potatoes to fill in with hot water and at weak boiling to cook under a cover to readiness to watch that was not digested.

Hot potatoes to clear and a tax with i oil or sour cream.

Potatoes butter sour cream g.

CARROTS STEWEDi and the cleared carrots to cut straws and m under a cover in a nebolty quantity of water with sugar and i oil.

At the end of suppression to salt, pour in dairy sauce, to mix and boil some more r.

Carrots sauce butter sugar g.

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In what your

In what your More than in half of the families participating and laziness angels, there were children with various problems with a dream Many parents were on the verge of failure so the fatigue strengthened bad behavior of children and put iodine threat of their relationship.

In what your problem consistsEach child is unique, and at everyone problems with a dream exist the features, but there are also similar moments.


possibly, this is taken in the problem in one or several given below Itsshriyakh.

Good night! Lack of an established order of a withdrawal to a dream your child can behave, as trekhletiy Aila Hussein, which could not calm down before going to bed.

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The matter

The matter Buy products of a domestic production.

Imported produkyou often contain more pesticides, than grown up at us, in the USA.

Besides, they can contain pesticides which are forbidden for application in our country.

Demand from the owner of shop that on a product specified the manufacturing country.

Buying domestic products, you break off a poisonous circle.

The matter is that the American producers of chemical fertilizers export the pesticides forbidden in our country, and then they come back to us already in the form of finished goods.

Do not eat fish from the polluted sources.

Learn in the local public health department, what fish and from what sources should not be used.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessaryThe simplest exit from this situation reception i preparations.

It is not necessary to chase import vitamins, quite on ENTs IKL OPE AIYa PITAS ANI I am RE BEN in KA rand ours of type Undevir, Dekamevi'f, etc.

The main thin that in them the following minimum set vitamins B, , Wb, RR, , And, D, , folpevy and ascorbic acids.

Whether and it is impossible to modify insufficiency of vitamins only by means of food It is possible, but not simply is a work not for lazy.

What to doIn, about the first, already upon purchase of products it is necessary availability of certain vitamins B them after all some products are rich with one or several vitamins, but are deprived of others, to try to diversify with the menu of the child day by day.

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Similar situations

Similar situations But at the same time it would like, that responsibility for its acts who bore another.

It to burden itselfhimself it at all does not thirst.

Similar situations can lead to negative consequences the child will get used to the events, and every time as soon as it will have a possibility to make own crucial decision, he will start to behave so that to provoke you to make the decision instead of it and to assume responsibility.

There is the same control of the child, but in a different way.

How to arrive to parents if the behavior of the child after you provided it freedom in decisionmakin worsened At once there are thoughts that if now he behaves so, will be farther only worse and it is necessary to accept urgently any measures, to renew control.

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When your child

When your child Offer new food at the beginning of food process.

when your child is really hungry.

If you submit a small amount new write together with favourite food, it can help to accept to your child it.

Cook simple food.

The majority of children likes true taste of products without sauces, syrups or spices.

They represented ridiculous teeth, using carrots slices, cut apples to look, from where there is a juice, and stirred strawberry and bilberry in yogurt.

Without watching a pas them initial unwillingness even to touch this food, girls soon started to study color, taste and a structure of products in a situation which them did not frighten that did them by less nervous.

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