Instead of spo, described

Instead of spo, described Watch signals submitted by the child concern during feedin a zasypaniye, showing that it sucked enough.

Clean the child from a breast, but be ready to feed again him through a couple of hours.

Use easier for the child a way to take a breast.

Instead of spo, described on page , use described below.

Put fingers in the form of a letter C a thumb above, two others are lower than a nipple, give to an okolososkovy circle a chasheobrazny form.

Squeeze a breast, movements of a nipple force the child to open widely a mouth and gradually thrust an okolososkovy circle into a mouth to the kid.

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It is possible

It is possible Performance Lay down on a back in a starting position, knees are bent vmesthose, a foot plainly stand on the floor.

It is possible to put a flat small pillow under the head, but it is not obligatory.

Slowly make a deep breath, let's to a stomach rise, and on an exhalation strongly pull in a stomach and press a part of a back plainly to a floor surface.

EXERCISE FOR THE ABDOMINAL TENSION Purpose To strengthen stomach muscles.

Performance The foot , in all four provisions can be carried out in standing positions, with crossed.

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The stress

The stressFeelings at children not less stron than at us, and shout helps them to curl a log hut from negative emotions, again to feel happiness and harmony and even it is better to sleep.

It is useful for parents to know also the possible reaction to shout of the child at a stressful condition.

We with Martha well remember the feeling of despair for fatigue and frequent nedosypaniye, up to vision we throw out the shouter from a window! But it does not mean at all that we were really capable of the such.

The stress is capable to finish beginning parents to the last line.

To their imagination it can be drawn, as they lose control over themselves, shake the child, shout at it that he became silent.

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If between

If between If the parent, as before, blows off motes from the child, trying to prevent negative consequences of the decision made by the teenager, the child loses possibility to test on itself this negative experience and to make lessons of the happened.

If between fathers and children there is a draggedout war to the bitter end, the teenager, making of the independent decision and following it, in this case will not make the correct conclusions of a negative situation as it is too occupied with fight against total control of parents.

And how belief of the child will change at change of a position of parents If first he still can realize not up to the end that means to bear responsibility for the life, gradually he will understand that it means.

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Then inhale

Then inhale Put one hand on a stomach, another on a breast.

Before the beginning of exercise make a full exhalation.

Then inhale through a nose, lifting a belly wall i.


having inflated a stomach.

The hand lying on a stomach, should move, and another on a breast to remain almost motionless.

Then slowly exhale through a mouth, gradually lowering a belly wall by the exhalation end it should return to a starting position.

This breath will be useful in the I period of childbirth, at fights.

The correct breath during fights will help you to enrich blood with oxygen and will a little reduce pain which causes including a lack of oxygen of uterus muscles.

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Therefore it is not necessary

Therefore it is not necessary An organism thin selfregulating system, he will prompt, t; yes it is necessary to eat.

But if at the child without the visible reasons temperature, a kusochnichestvo, etc.

the long time more than days is absent appetite and he eats MShIO and hardly, it is necessary to address to the doctor.

As the French pediatrists figuratively noticed, the child never will dare to die of hunger.

Therefore it is not necessary to force it at to force to eat on hours and to eat up everything to a drop when he does not want.

Whether r a food of the child to which one year, from a food of children about one year was executed Certainly differs, but special contrast is not present.

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