Situation for parents

Situation for parentsTo eradicate his obstinacy in crisis of three years.

To howl excited, annoyed and malicious, communicating with the child.

To roll up to it hysterics, to be frightened on his eyes.

To promote neurosis development.

Not to observe the recommendation of the doctor.

Situation for parents According to mother, her five years' Nastya in everything differs from the contemporaries, especially in cowardice and timidity.

Is afraid of everything.

But at all does not take out, when mother complains of the heart.

As will tell about pain in it, so Nastya in a hysterics.

Sobbin shouts that is afraid for mother.

Suddenly something happens and will be not so.

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The snow Queen. It is kingly

The snow Queen. It is kinglyAnd it most of all disturbs her.

Already from the cradle Without daring on brings up the child only notations, vy in it continuous shortcomings.

All life of the child with such mother is one it is impossible, it is not necessary, cease.

It always essentially also is callously correct.

Her face never sees a benok according to a smile.

And in this a mosfer of correctness and severity it gradually starts to wither.

The snow Queen.

It is kingly unshakable, inaccessible.

All keeps from itself at arm's length.

And even at communication with the child observes a certain distance.

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Like responsibility. Densely

Like responsibility. Densely Gripes recover dance Want to catch a prizewinning dancing videoclip Invite grown wise experience of parents with their children having gripes, at a dance floor and look, how differently they move.

Though each pas is unique, as fingerprints, dance should include movements of the child in all three planes up down, to the right to the left, forward back as in a parent belly.

Familiarize with the first lesson of dances.

It is correct to hold.

The kid can be in a nest under a neck or football situation see below.

Hold it freely, but it is strong.

Like responsibility.

Densely press to itself the child that he felt you skin, or use the scrappy holder.

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