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Let's experiment

It is easy to person to advise to the stranger not to pay attention on crying the shchy child.If only such adviser does not possess hypersensibility, his own health will not suffer.Let's experiment a little.Crying of the kid literally irritates you.If to a breast of feeding mother to attach sensors for bloodgroove measurement, we will see the following the kid began to cry and the bloodgroove in a breast of mother will amplify, she will feel insuperable desire to take the child on hands and to calm him.Crying of your child the mighty means of communication intended for providing its survival and development.Do not disregard crying.

Probably, sometime

The mimicry will add to your answer of the importance and will encourage the kid to continue communication.Read aloud.Children's verses and poems differ special musical rhythmics.If you have in a family two kids and you read aloud to the senior, already starting to go, do not forget what to listen you is useful also for the baby; it develops its attention.Probably, sometime you will need something more substantial, rather than Geese geese.Well, read aloud the favourite magazine or the adult book, keeping when reading a rhythm habitual for perception of the baby.

Not only parents

After years of pediatric and years of parental practice I came to a conclusion that it is fair only partly.Not only parents develop the child, but also it brings up them.At an optimum educational system both parties try to gather all the best from each other and to share the.Here is how this system works.Mother to a lesser extent the father possesses a biological, instinctive inclination to the child.At it congenital desire to be nursed with the child to take it on hands, but , it is simple to be near it.It also is called as attachment of mother to the child.


Phone the kid here as here calls, it is necessary to tell hallo.It is very pleasant to observe, how your little man starts to master the big and noisy house world.FROM TO MONTHS STREAM OF WORDS At this stage of development children do the same, as on previous, but it is much better.The games developing the child physically There are many interesting games for children and the parents promoting fizichesky development of the child.Give me a hand.Very well develop coordination of movements razlichny options of game with a flop on palms of each other one and two ruto Kama alternately, from highly lifted or lowered hands or a palm on a palm with a slap if the kid does not manage to clean the hand.

And can be, played

Or perhaps bought to it rushka new yokes, dresses, books, sweets, icecream.And can be, played together with it and had fun.Whether or perhaps to it to feed small fishes and house birds.Or perhaps shawls to it to play about with a cat and a dog.And can be, the whole day, thinking out fairy tales.And to be.And can be.And can be.And nevertheless, than day at Va of the shy child was most of all filled The kid did everything how you wanted, or was capricious, played pranks, plaid pranks.You were discharged on it by an aggression method because of shameful affairs which he made or because it rushed as if ugorePlokhiye habits of good children.

Shchy and croaking

To listen to you through a shoulder.Poigrysobstvennymi hands.shchy and croaking igrush.To play travel about vesny games.To catch derzhimy pockets from kosnoveniye.Issledobig cubes.To play with parts to wash the dishes.To use for instead of according to the schedule.Smomusic prefer own a hand to Play with hoops, on .A children's armchair and Kama to roll subjects tsisoap bubbles.To roll a tsovsky shirt.Obshchat empty boxes, garbage bodies Where your nouse.To dance the games of the shelf, a table, chairs.

Remember, earlier

When you after all will manage to scratch at it a toy, put it near it on a floor the kid will immediately snatch on a toy and right there will take control of it again.If you want to understand, actions of the kid in all these exercises of the dostatskhvatit type are how realized, write down on a video camera procedure of capture of a toy or a cube.Remember, earlier the child only struck on a toy or on it with a palm, and, having reached, at first as though covered it with the spread wide hand and only then grasped.Now his fingers develop as necessary still while it tries to keep step with a toy.

In five years

Because at Va of the shy child it continues to be improved thin , the kid tries to try to knit and embroider.The child knows well that means on the right, at the left, in front and behind.Everything is better being guided in about a stranstvo, he wants to understand that such time.In five years the child already distinguishes a triangle, directly a square and a square and even to you will copy a rectangle, but only when you can calm it and set for a table.From four years to five kid reminds the eternal The engine, it not to distinguish almost from the hyper dynamic child.

To these speaks, why the desire

The main thing for you to help the kid to develop the healthy relation to toilet procedure.The schooling beginning to a pot is rather entertaining interaction, rather than an awful duty, and you here act as the instructor.From the point of view of the child, ability to use a pot is its first step to adult life, a dedication ceremony from babies in preschool children.To these speaks, why the desire to remain small conducts to a certain delay of all process of schooling.THE FACTS WHICH YOU WOULD BE FOLLOWED BY THE NOBILITY Before setting the kid on the first in his life very prizemisty a pot, think over that includes skill of using a toilet.

However more

e.protection of own possession.However, often these two characteristics are difficult for dividing.Law of the jungle Such approach to this problem is possible to leave the child in group of children, let itself fights for a survival.As a result the one who is pushed most strongly, grasps the most part of toys.Such conditions actually heavens promised for aggressors.However more passive kid simply retires and leaves the general game as cannot constrain an impact, or, having waited for the moment, will select the good back.In other words, soft there is more rigid, and an aggressor even more rough.

Strong meat, chicken, fish

Strong meat, chicken, fish and mushroom broths are strictly forbidden; porridges with oil andor with milk, well razvarenny are good; fruit should be sweet, soft, it is better in the boiled, baked or wiped look, jelly, mousses, kissels; vegetables in the boiled wiped look or prepared on pair, except for fermented, salty and marinaded, and also radishes, a garden radish, cabbage, turnip, green peas; from drinks pekrepky tea, is better with milk, a lemon or berry juice, dogrose broth, mineral waters Yessentuki, Slavyanovsky, Borjomi and others according to instructions of the doctor.

In particular, it is impossible

Therefore strict demands are made to quantitative structure of collecting for children.In particular, it is impossible to measure plants by eye.If plants or collecting are entirely dosed out by spoons, it is necessary to define previously weight of the plants containing in a spoon.Before the use collecting should be mixed carefully.By collecting drawing up separate it carefully weigh.The simplest and common calculation of doses of herbs for children of different age groups is presented in tab.A FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE by AETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASES Calculation of doses of herbsAgetill months from months to l of yearfrom year to years from to yearsfrom to years from to yearsfrom till years from to yearsfrom to years from to yearsPart of an adult doseto ljgszfclTable It is necessary to be guided by this table at herbal medicine application according to the recommendation of any references, including ours.

She thought

She addressed in the program Small angels for the help as felt tired and unfortunate of for the unrestrained son dominating behavior.She thought that cannot supervise it and, therefore, was not sure of itself as in mother.He considers that he is a king in the lock, and everything occurs so.as he wants , she spoke to us.In the course of viewing of the of the behavioural cartridge Tamara was upset even more as for the first time understood that her annoyance and abuse with Keanu strengthened a problem.

Cottage cheese

Submitting on a table, to water with sour cream.Cottage cheese carrots a roll sour cream piece tj eggs, sugar butter.g.ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDBAKED PUDDING COTTAGE CHEESE AND RICETo ready boiled rice to add the wiped cottage cheese, the egg shaken up with sugar, vanillin, butter, everything to mix, m on the frying pan oiled and sprinkled with crackers.From above to cover with a sour cream mix with egg and to bake in an oven.A tax on a table with jam, a fruit syrup or sauce.Cottage cheese rice water ml, eggs pieces, sugar butter sour cream jam a syrup sauce of vanillin g.

It is known

They can appear even more dangerous, than the drugs ordered to you.The matter is that herbs are not tested for pregnant women, and and on packing you will not find the corresponding marks in the instruction.There is no confidence that they were collected and packed in satisfactory conditions, under necessary control.It is known that reception of some herbs can cause strips, vomitin tachycardia and even to provoke an abortion see further.What plants cannot be applied during pregnancyFor the pregnant woman reception of the following plants represents danger The araliya Chinese, a barberry, is smothered, Canadian, a life root, a cotton root, a crocus, a juniper, a nutme mint marsh, a mistletoe white, a fern man's, a tansy, , a wormwood bitter, a wormwood medicinal, a wormwood ordinary, a broom, , a thuja, a chemeritsa green, bi a comfrey, Senna, a stefaniye, a magnolia, a yasnotka, coltsfoot.

You can take

You should not show a rage or aggression.You can take away yours the child on the bottom step of a ladder or plant on a chair in other room.We establish restrictions of t If you want to use a step or a chair, you need to explain to the child, strong holding it that you want, that it remained on that place where you planted it.You should look aside, do not meet the eyes of it and do not talk to it.while time will not end.If you.most likely, cannot hold the child without fight.it in a room far away from itself.it is important, if it is it a room.You does it only for short time, and it will not cause negative associations with a room.

For children

However, if the child has teeth he is already capable to chew rather well stale bread, to gnaw crackers, cookies, nonrigid apples etc.Children are more senior than , years already actively chew, and culinary processing of food can be same, as well as for adults vegetables slices, cutlets, meat ragout, goulash etc.On the average, as it was specified above, the food is digested in a stomach of the child within , hours therefore intervals between food intakes should are approximately equal to this time.For children year most physiologically a foursingle food is more senior.At the same time the kid till , years and is more senior quite can to receive on the fifth feedin in the evenin a kefir or milk glass, and in the morning juice.

Hepatic weight

When will cool down, together with carrots and onions several times to pass through a meat grinder, to salt, add the shakenup butter.Hepatic weight to form in the form of roll, to cool.Liver carrots onions butter , g.A pudding FROM the LIVER WITH CARROTSLiver to pass through a meat grinder, to add grated t carrots, butter, a crude egg yolk, crackers, to salt, carefully to shake up, carefully to enter i protein.Weight to lay out in a form greased with butter, and to steam minutes.When giving on a table to water with the kindled butter.I And A liver carrots eggs pieces, crackers ground butter g.

Situation for parents

To eradicate his obstinacy in crisis of three years.To howl excited, annoyed and malicious, communicating with the child.To roll up to it hysterics, to be frightened on his eyes.To promote neurosis development.Not to observe the recommendation of the doctor.Situation for parents According to mother, her five years' Nastya in everything differs from the contemporaries, especially in cowardice and timidity.Is afraid of everything.But at all does not take out, when mother complains of the heart.As will tell about pain in it, so Nastya in a hysterics.Sobbin shouts that is afraid for mother.Suddenly something happens and will be not so.

The snow Queen. It is kingly

Like responsibility. Densely

Most important

Very often the child does not want and is not able to occupy itself.To accustom the child to independent games, pick up for it such toys which will force it to act nested dolls, piramidka, cubes, later a large mosaic, the designer, puzzles.Most important at all do not punish the child work for any its failures and faults.If you charge something to the kid, commensurate with his age.Also do not forget to praise it for desire independently something to do.Trekhletki If in the first two years the child grows and develops literally not on days, and on hours, by third year this process is slowed down.

Watch, that

Then the kid as will feel a foot height for example, slipping from a sofa.Watch, that the child well held ruto Kama a step, being developed for descent, and to the following rose all foot.To stand with support As soon as the child will learn, adhering for your clothes or for me, to rise, he will try to take from this a pleasure maximum to stand more, to look round around.Ability to stand with support as a result develops.The first attempts to hold balance, as a rule, terminate in failure because the kid rises on tiptoe and his legs are turned in As soon as he will learn to stand, as the ballerina leaning on all foot and having dissolved socks in the parties, becomes steadier If the kid helps itself to rise, clinging to your trousers, you gradually will feel ever less weight of his body So, at first your foot is necessary to it not only for balance, but also for a support, and soon after only for balance Round a table The kid rose, stood, leaning a back about a sofa or a low little table and.

The kid in turn

As a rule, it builds the life and activity, without taking away in it dolzha ny role to the child.At the best he is a viewer, instead of the participant.Mother carrying the child, on the contrary, by force of habit to his continuous presence automatically correlates to it all actions.The kid in turn feels that he is a participant of events, and it is the real flash of light for his being formed selfesteem.As carrying of the child promotes development of its knowledge The brain of the kid develops and grows under the influence of the outside world, with also nervous system.

Time came

By the way, one my acquaintance practises such method she pays to the son for each five on rubles.Once it brought the six! The teacher so was impressed with its story at a literature lesson that put this assessment in the diary.Houses the boy took an interest, how many to it for it is due Whether brought you success all your actions Most likely, no, differently you would not read this book.Time came to change the relation to the child, the view of it and his behavior.Parents, as a rule, consider that they bring up the child well, and here it is brought up badly.

She with pride

Dzhanis, mother of twins and the convinced supporter of chest feedin took away one shelf in the refrigerator for dozen of accurately established small bottles of the decanted milk supplied with the indication of date of decantation.She with pride called this meeting of small bottles by bank.Transportation of the decanted milk When you carry milk from work home, observe all measures predostorozhnost to keep precious cargo.It is best of all to use a tight bag with ice packings.Special bags for transportation of milk and capacity can be got through the adviser for chest feeding and League of feeding mothers.

It often reacted

Ket and Jam also helped to understand that Jay's nervousness was primitive congenital reaction fight or on threat.It often reacted to situations which considered difficult, for example, homework preparation, becoming aggressive or confrontational to fight , or crying of N being given to run .For this purpose to start to support Jay in fight against these difficulties.To Katie and Dzhsmi helped it in eyes to big fear, going for a drive on a bicycle without the additional Overall picture and wheels Encouraging it, they led Jay through aggression and plaintive discharge and helped it to learn to go for a drive on a bicycle independently.

Internal, the smiles

After longterm supervision over smiles of newborns I would like to blow an air bubble.Babies can smile and really smile, instead of simply let the air out though it happens after they will get rid of superfluous gases.As veterans in studying of children's smiles we with the sufficient basis on that divide them into two main types internal and external smiles.Internal, the smiles as though turned into are more characteristic for the first several weeks and perfectly reflect a condition internal udovletvorennost.Sometimes it as though sleepy halfsmiles; sometimes only easy podragivaniye of corners of lips.Other smiles meet also simplification when gripes stop, satisfactions after good food or when children take on hands and start to rock to sleep.

The grant is paid

The grant is paid for the entire period during which the woman has the right to payment.For unemployed women since the birth of the child till , years; for the working from the date of providing holiday on leaving till , years, and for the women dismissed during pregnancy in connection with elimination of the organization, poy to a choice since the birth of the child to , years in case of a grant choice on leaving or from the date of, the termination of a maternity leave following behind day, till day of execution of , years in case of a maternity allowance choice.


Therefore to the woman who has had a rubella during this period, doctors suggest to make abortion or to cause premature birth.Inoculations live vaccines, including from measles, a mumps, poliomyelitis and yellow fever become according to the recommendation of the doctor.They also should be made at least in months prior to pregnancy.J If you became pregnant soon after such inoculation, immediately report about it to the doctor.Reception of vitamins when planning pregnancyWhat vitamins need to be acceptedIn preparation for pregnancy any vitamin complexes and preparations can be applied only after coordination with the doctor.

On the first

Vegetables and fashions include in the menu of children from first months of life.On the first year from be elderly till months to ml by the end of the year fruit, berry or vegetable juice, to g of fruit and g of vegetable mashed potatoes.Year recommended quantity of vegetables is aged more senior makes for children of years g including potatoes Children till years r in the natural form can give only received of dairy kitchen or priyutovlenny houses from r kefir, including the kaltsinirovanny.

Thus fried

Various ways r food are allowed otvarivaniye, suppression, roasting.Thus fried dishes, especially in the second half of pregnancy, it is better to exclude.The approximate menu for the second half of pregnancy in r Ut of R ohm Juice from fresh vegetables or fruitafter a dream or broth of herbs Breakfast Goulash Vegetables stewed Juice i nd breakfast Milk Obed Sup pea with mincemeat Vegetable stew with boiled fish Compote On a ldnik of Frukti or berry Cottage cheese souffle Mousse cranberry nd dinner of Kislomolochniy drink kefir Daily into the menu should enter rye and mI it is better from.

They are especially

For the teenager there are no semitones only black and white, bad and good.At them insistence both in relation to itself, and in relation to the rests to people around, parents, to the world in general reads off scale.They are especially sensitive to falseness and hypocrisy as their feelings during this period are very aggravated.To children it is very important, that parents recognized that their children grew, and not simply admitted as the fact, and extended lead, recognized their right to be independent.

Having cooled

Then to add the white sauce prepared on vegetable broth, to stir, slightly to salt.Having cooled to °, to connect to an egg and dairy mix, before giving on a table to fill with butter.Potatoes carrots other vegetables vegetable marrows, a cauliflower, a swede, turnip on a flour wheaten yolks egg ' pieces, milk ml, broth vegetable ml, butter g.CREAM SOUP PEARLBARLEY The touched and washedout pearl barley in water to softness, often stirring slowly, that did not burn.Broth to filter, grain to wipe through a sieve, to connect to broth, to add white sauce, to salt, mix, put on fire and to boil.

And now try other

Oh, pleasure cubes here as here! It will be its first experiment on use of one subject to get another.And now try other game.Put cubes on a laying and honey lenno pull it.The kid will throw up hands, will jump up and will snatch on a moving target, trying to take control of escaping cubes, while the getting is good.Game with itself.Having learned to reach different subjects, ma starts to study own body.It extends forward a neck, lifts legs and tries to grasp fingers standing and when it is possible, tries, as well as everything that comes to it to hand, to drag them in a mouth.


g of fresh greens Ivan tea, g of a nettle, g of cabbage, g of potatoes, g of carrots, g of onions, g of margarine, eg g are swept away.RUSSIAN CABBAGE SOUP GREEN WITH HARE KISLITSAIn boiling water to put cut potatoes through to add the browned onions then greens of a kislitsa g and to cook more r.For r to readiness to put wheat flour butter salt, pepper and a bay leaf.Spilling in plates, to add segments of boiled egg and sour cream or kefir curdled milk.BAKED PUDDING FROM THE CLOVER WITH POTATOESTo wipe g of boiled potatoes and to pound a fork.In the added some salt water to boil g of leaves of a clover, to filter and cut on a wooden board.

Hot potatoes

Potatoes butter g.POTATOES WELDED IN THE PEEL tubers of potatoes to fill in with hot water and at weak boiling to cook under a cover to readiness to watch that was not digested.Hot potatoes to clear and a tax with i oil or sour cream.Potatoes butter sour cream g.CARROTS STEWEDi and the cleared carrots to cut straws and m under a cover in a nebolty quantity of water with sugar and i oil.At the end of suppression to salt, pour in dairy sauce, to mix and boil some more r.Carrots sauce butter sugar g.

In what your

More than in half of the families participating and laziness angels, there were children with various problems with a dream Many parents were on the verge of failure so the fatigue strengthened bad behavior of children and put iodine threat of their relationship.In what your problem consistsEach child is unique, and at everyone problems with a dream exist the features, but there are also similar moments.You.possibly, this is taken in the problem in one or several given below Itsshriyakh.Good night! Lack of an established order of a withdrawal to a dream your child can behave, as trekhletiy Aila Hussein, which could not calm down before going to bed.

The matter

Buy products of a domestic production.Imported produkyou often contain more pesticides, than grown up at us, in the USA.Besides, they can contain pesticides which are forbidden for application in our country.Demand from the owner of shop that on a product specified the manufacturing country.Buying domestic products, you break off a poisonous circle.The matter is that the American producers of chemical fertilizers export the pesticides forbidden in our country, and then they come back to us already in the form of finished goods.Do not eat fish from the polluted sources.Learn in the local public health department, what fish and from what sources should not be used.

It is not necessary

The simplest exit from this situation reception i preparations.It is not necessary to chase import vitamins, quite on ENTs IKL OPE AIYa PITAS ANI I am RE BEN in KA rand ours of type Undevir, Dekamevi'f, etc.The main thin that in them the following minimum set vitamins B, , Wb, RR, , And, D, , folpevy and ascorbic acids.Whether and it is impossible to modify insufficiency of vitamins only by means of food It is possible, but not simply is a work not for lazy.What to doIn, about the first, already upon purchase of products it is necessary availability of certain vitamins B them after all some products are rich with one or several vitamins, but are deprived of others, to try to diversify with the menu of the child day by day.

Similar situations

But at the same time it would like, that responsibility for its acts who bore another.It to burden itselfhimself it at all does not thirst.Similar situations can lead to negative consequences the child will get used to the events, and every time as soon as it will have a possibility to make own crucial decision, he will start to behave so that to provoke you to make the decision instead of it and to assume responsibility.There is the same control of the child, but in a different way.How to arrive to parents if the behavior of the child after you provided it freedom in decisionmakin worsened At once there are thoughts that if now he behaves so, will be farther only worse and it is necessary to accept urgently any measures, to renew control.

When your child

Offer new food at the beginning of food process.when your child is really hungry.If you submit a small amount new write together with favourite food, it can help to accept to your child it.Cook simple food.The majority of children likes true taste of products without sauces, syrups or spices.They represented ridiculous teeth, using carrots slices, cut apples to look, from where there is a juice, and stirred strawberry and bilberry in yogurt.Without watching a pas them initial unwillingness even to touch this food, girls soon started to study color, taste and a structure of products in a situation which them did not frighten that did them by less nervous.

Instead of spo, described

Watch signals submitted by the child concern during feedin a zasypaniye, showing that it sucked enough.Clean the child from a breast, but be ready to feed again him through a couple of hours.Use easier for the child a way to take a breast.Instead of spo, described on page , use described below.Put fingers in the form of a letter C a thumb above, two others are lower than a nipple, give to an okolososkovy circle a chasheobrazny form.Squeeze a breast, movements of a nipple force the child to open widely a mouth and gradually thrust an okolososkovy circle into a mouth to the kid.

It is possible

Performance Lay down on a back in a starting position, knees are bent vmesthose, a foot plainly stand on the floor.It is possible to put a flat small pillow under the head, but it is not obligatory.Slowly make a deep breath, let's to a stomach rise, and on an exhalation strongly pull in a stomach and press a part of a back plainly to a floor surface.EXERCISE FOR THE ABDOMINAL TENSION Purpose To strengthen stomach muscles.Performance The foot , in all four provisions can be carried out in standing positions, with crossed.

The stress

Feelings at children not less stron than at us, and shout helps them to curl a log hut from negative emotions, again to feel happiness and harmony and even it is better to sleep.It is useful for parents to know also the possible reaction to shout of the child at a stressful condition.We with Martha well remember the feeling of despair for fatigue and frequent nedosypaniye, up to vision we throw out the shouter from a window! But it does not mean at all that we were really capable of the such.The stress is capable to finish beginning parents to the last line.To their imagination it can be drawn, as they lose control over themselves, shake the child, shout at it that he became silent.

If between

If the parent, as before, blows off motes from the child, trying to prevent negative consequences of the decision made by the teenager, the child loses possibility to test on itself this negative experience and to make lessons of the happened.If between fathers and children there is a draggedout war to the bitter end, the teenager, making of the independent decision and following it, in this case will not make the correct conclusions of a negative situation as it is too occupied with fight against total control of parents.And how belief of the child will change at change of a position of parents If first he still can realize not up to the end that means to bear responsibility for the life, gradually he will understand that it means.

Then inhale

Put one hand on a stomach, another on a breast.Before the beginning of exercise make a full exhalation.Then inhale through a nose, lifting a belly wall i.e.having inflated a stomach.The hand lying on a stomach, should move, and another on a breast to remain almost motionless.Then slowly exhale through a mouth, gradually lowering a belly wall by the exhalation end it should return to a starting position.This breath will be useful in the I period of childbirth, at fights.The correct breath during fights will help you to enrich blood with oxygen and will a little reduce pain which causes including a lack of oxygen of uterus muscles.

Therefore it is not necessary

An organism thin selfregulating system, he will prompt, t; yes it is necessary to eat.But if at the child without the visible reasons temperature, a kusochnichestvo, etc.the long time more than days is absent appetite and he eats MShIO and hardly, it is necessary to address to the doctor.As the French pediatrists figuratively noticed, the child never will dare to die of hunger.Therefore it is not necessary to force it at to force to eat on hours and to eat up everything to a drop when he does not want.Whether r a food of the child to which one year, from a food of children about one year was executed Certainly differs, but special contrast is not present.

Just at the moment

Let the boy firsthand learns that honesty does the relations more serious and more deeply, and will learn to share feelings of other person.Fathers who comes after Oedipus One man, the client of Don, told about a dream which pursues it from adolescence.I make love to the girlfriend.Just at the moment of the culmination her face suddenly becomes the face of my mother, and my father interrupts us with knock at a door.I feel guilty, shamed and frightened.To doctor Siegmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, this dream would be pleasant.Obviously the doctor would tell the son tries to steal mother at the father.

Handles. Cams

Usually on packings

If the doctor did not give other recommendations, choose such mixture which would contain , but was without antihistamines and antiedematous preparations about their presence tell the beginning and the end of names aminoor Drin.Usually on packings of such drugs there is no dosage for children years are more younger.We recommend you following accepted dozia rovka mg of DM for pounds of weight of the child, or , mg on kg for example, for the child weighing of pounds, mg of DM will be a normal dose.Such dose can be repeated each h during the night if the child wakes up.Nausea, dizziness belong to side effects of this medicine, sometimes stuffs up ears, but all of them at the use of the mixtures containing DM, are observed very seldom.

Jane tries

Over time the abyss between mother and the daughter, and also between the father and the child increases.Its signs imperceptible first become obvious.The daughter already starts to go independently, and by this time they with mother lose mutual understanding.Jane tries to learn how to affect the child, from the first book.It seeks elsewhere council as it to cope with the disobedient daughter more and more.Mother and the daughter did not reach rapprochement when it was available to them and it is necessary, and now it is necessary to make up for the missed hardly.

To argue or use swear

It is impossible to bite, be scratched and bleed.to argue or use swear words.Ate To sit on a chair at a table and not to get down from it.Is independently, using a fork and a knife.® the Dessert only after the main dish will be eaten.Having come to a consent concerning these points, they could go home and start to work operating with a united front.How to establish restrictionsTo start to establish accurate restrictions, to you and if it is necessary for your partner to execute the following exercise.

When it is necessary

Keep in mind that shows probability of the birth of the sick child, but does not give the exact answer, whether it will be sick.J In many countries genetic inspection is obligatory.In Russia is not present.However it is better for making to be reinsured, as in time the diagnosed problem gives the chance to correct a situation and at desire to avoid the birth of the sick child.When it is necessary to leave addictions Alcohol.If the man or the woman moderately drinks, or it it is enough to it to stop to take hard alcohol drinks approximately in three months prior to prospective conception.


It is possible to play a sketch, to think up the story about the clever and silly child, even to train the child to shout more loudly, to choose the safest way to the house.Check, whether the child carries out your rules, imperceptibly for it observe it, look, where it walks, ask somebody to call from acquaintances to you home and something to ask to check, whether he will tell to the stranger something important.Encourage the child for successes, vigilance and the correct behavior.Ask in the evenin as it spent day, by means of leading questions try to find out, where it was, with whom.

And at the same

If the child sees that other children and adults laugh with a full mouth or scatter food, knock a cup, and thus to them is very cheerful, the small popugaychik will do the same.And at the same time do not forget to praise it for good manners.If the child eats reluctantly To the child who takes away your hand with a spoon, put on an armchair of yokes rushka with suckers differently you should select constantly them from a floor and while he is engaged in toys, try to feed him, using for this purpose any reception, helping to send a spoon to it in a mouth.

In this diet

Limit meat and culinary fats.In this diet exclude dairy, vegetable and fruit soups; smoked products; salty, smoked fish; milk, sourmilk drinks, cheese, cottage cheese; potatoes; vegetable salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable canned food; sweet dishes on milk; fruit, berry and vegetable juice.BreakfastDinnerMidmorning snackDinnerThe approximate menu of a diet at Herring soakedPorridge the buckwheat friableTeaSoup noodles on a chicken brothChicken fried with boiled riceKissel cranberryDogrose brothCutlets meat fried or steam for children of younger age with vegetable oilPeas greenTeaFor the night dogrose BrothWidespread form of mochekisly diathesis at children is as well an oksaluriya, being accompanied the high content in urine salts of shchavelevy acid.

Carry the child

If symptoms of GER are obvious, the doctor can begin treatment, at all without checking acidity level.How to cope with GER Give the drugs appointed by the doctor and called to neutralize acid and to provide normal passing of food on a gullet.Carry the child as much as possible that he cried less.During shout acid in bigger quantity gets into a gullet.Nurse.Researches show that thus level of GER is lower.The child needs to be stacked on a stomach at an angle ° on half an hour after food and for a dream.You need a special rag which would hold the child spread on a stomach on an inclined mattress.Simply vertical situation in a children's armchair is less effective.

A residue

Then to pour in a thin stream dissolved in hot milk previously the presoaked gelatin, to mix, pour in formochka, to cool.Before giving on a table, having taken out from , to water with a fruit syrup.Sour cream milk ml, a syrup fruit powder sugar gelatin g.MOUSSE FROM BERRIESAny fresh berries to touch, wash out, douse boiled water, to squeeze out through a gauze juice.A residue to fill in with water, to add sugar, to boil and cook minutes.Then broth to filter, again to finish to boilin to pour a thin stream, stirring slowly, semolina to boil minutes and to remove from fire.

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Ho is not present the sufficient bases to argue that the excommunication of mother from the child at the moment of his birth negatively influences the further relations of parents and children, we consider that emergence of emotional proximity during this period of biologically aggravated sensitivity of perception provides good start for formation of further relationship.But it is impossible to think that these initial relations once and for all cement interrelation of parents and the child.Reassessment of an initial stage causes sense of hopelessness in mothers who because of the complicated childbirth were temporarily separated from kids.

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Avoid an overheat of the kid during a dream At children which organism overheats as a result of close a veil a niya, the risk of emergence of SIDS is higher.It is especially easy to overheat the child who sleeps near you your body an additional source of heat.If the child was wrapped densely up, and at night you shift it to yourselves, remove from it all superfluous.Researches established higher frequency of SIDS in the countries where children strongly wrap up.Signs of overheating of the kid are poteny, damp hair, a potnitsa, the speededup breath, the concern, sometimes the increased temperature.

Edmund, doctor

Having thought, I took with myself the yearold son.I do not remember, that we were thrown with it at least a word.For me this travel was not outstanding in any sense.But to my son already , and he still remembers this campaign as about the best minutes of the life.Edmund, doctor of years Lonely mothers are in a sheaf with the sons in this transition period.Mother can tell to the son about how it differs from it, what his role in the lives, what forces grow in it.But she not the man and consequently she cannot tell him congenital consciousness of that means to be a man.Her body aspires to the son at all how it would do a body of the father.

Then to add cut by straws

At the end of cooking a rassolnik to salt, it is possible to pour in a little boiled and filtered cucumber brine.When giving on a table to fill with sour cream, n the crushed greens of parsley or fennel.Potatoes carrots a parsley root onions cucumbers a broth meat ml, butter sour cream g.Soup PEA ON MEAT JPreviously the peas presoaked at o'clock to put in a meat broth and to cook in the closed ware on weak fire , of hour.Then to add cut by straws a parsley root, carrots and the onions which have been slightly fried on butter, and to continue to cook still minutes to salt.Peas a root of parsley and onions on carrots a broth meat ml, butter g.

Besides courses

Communicate with those who supports you, understands and approves your choice.Learn the correct equipment of feeding.Besides courses on chest feedin till the birth of the child you need to contact the diplomaed adviser for questions of chest feeding see page In the first two days after the birth of the child ask the adviser to show you as it is correct to hold the child and that it is necessary to do, that he well sucked.EQUIPMENT OF FEEDING BY THE BREAST When we only began our professional activity and were still inexperienced parents, fondly believed that feeding by a breast is such process programmed by the nature that if to bring together together mother who has milk, and the hungry child, this pair will automatically incorporate, milk will begin to flow and the child will grow.


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